Frankfurt Airport Pickup

Welcome to Wieselexpress. We offer airport transfers, taxi services and rental car services for customers arriving and leaving out of Frankfurt International Airport. Kindly, refer to our price table for airport pickups and transfers. All prices are quoted in Euro. We offer different vehicles depending of the size of your company.

Airport Pickup

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) arrivals disembark at 2 different terminals. Staralliance flights land at Terminal 1, while other international arrivals dock at Terminal 2. Here is a pick-up guideline for each of the airport buildings. Please, quote your flight number to us when making a booking.

Terminal 1

If your flight is arriving in Terminal 1 we ask you to meet us at Exit B6 on departure level. There is a lot less traffic and pick-up is a breeze. Flights from Staralliance carriers such as Lufthansa, Thai Air, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Air, etc. arrive at Terminal 1. After collecting your luggage, please, proceed from arrival level to departure level by taking the escalators upstairs. Exit B6 on departure level (Abflug) is located pretty much in the middle of the airport building facing the street. Our driver will meet you just outside the exit. (In case exit B6 might be closed, take a few steps to the next exit marked B8.)

Pickup for taxi to Seeheim Lufthansa

Our pick-up point: Outside Exit B6 on departure level.

If you happen to have difficulties to meet us upstairs we can also meet you downstairs at the arrival level. Please, discuss your special needs with our booking agent or driver upon making your reservation. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements. Be aware that traffic at the arrival area may show congestions during peak hours and delays are probable.

Terminal 2

Arrivals from Emirates, Finnair, Delta, British Airways, Air France and other carriers are landing at Terminal 2. Please, proceed to Exit E8 at Terminal 2 and meet our driver in the second or third bay of waiting vehicles. Terminal 2 shares arrivals and departures on the same level.

Ausgang E6

Proceed to Exit E8 and meet our driver in the 2nd or 3rd parking bay.